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Name: Tektite
Age: Old as hell
Species: Gem - permafusion
Canon: Steven Universe (OC)
Canon point: Current canon as of 9/22/2016 - no interactions with canon characters

Appearance: Main reference + Various art of her
The only difference for her current design is the gem placement. It's now between her shoulderblades and looks like this!
Important to note, she's pretty big. 5'10" at the shoulder while on all fours. Much taller when she bothers to stand up.

Personality: Usually friendly up until she isn't. No real sense of boundaries. Very likely to touch people when they rather she not. Occasionally homicidal. Her exact personality depends a great deal on who she spends time with as she's very easily influenced. Her morals also depend on who she's close to. Currently she swings closer to neutral evil.

At times it's obvious that she doesn't really "get" organic life that well. As both a Gem and one that suffered extreme periods of isolation, her grasp on how to interact with others is poor. She doesn't really empathize with others and shows kindness only as it suits her whims.

Abilities: Basic Gem abilities like high durability, transformation, fusion, regeneration, and weapon summoning. Also can use telepathy (poorly and only to project her voice into the minds of others, not read minds) and teleportation.

Sample Rp!

Apr. 29th, 2016 12:28 pm
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((Log format rp done via trillian with my roommate [personal profile] amberdrake, who is playing Cole.))

A rough landing in a rough place. )


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